After signing up with Relay Faith you will receive credentials to connect your broadcasting software or media processor to our servers. Relay Faith requires broadcasting software that supports the encrypted RTMPS standard. OBS and VMix are commonly used software packages that will work with Relay Faith.

To connect your broadcasting software you will need our:

  1. Stream URL
  2. Stream Key
  3. Stream Password

These credentials are unique to your account. DO NOT share these with others because they will be able to broadcast unwanted content to your viewers.

Your viewers will need your Stream Access Code to view your stream on our apps and website.


OBS is the best option for free broadcasting software. It has everything you need for a professional production. If you go this route be prepared to dedicate a fair amount of time to learning the software.

vMix is a relatively low cost professional production software. It is easier to learn and use than OBS, however, it does not offer much more in terms of functionality.


Capturing and uploading your video can typically be done in two different ways.

  1. A capture device can be connected to a PC to receive the output from your camera. You will need an audio/video capture device and a PC.
  2. A Media processor is a standalone device that can take the output of your cameras and then stream the output to our servers. This solution is easier to get started with because you don't have to have a PC. For advanced overlays and frequent changes you may eventually want to add a PC to your setup.

If you do decide to go the PC route make sure to have:

  1. A Quad Core Intel or AMD Ryzen CPU or better.
  2. At Least 16 GB RAM.
  3. SSD Operating System Drive. Considering your storage needs a mechanical hard drive is a popular low cost choice to copy your videos over to save space on your SSD.
  4. Broadcasting software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The key here is to make sure your capture device is compatible with your operating system of choice.

Copyright Considerations

Please note that music and other content especially if recently authored is probably owned by copyright. CCLI is an excellent resource for inexpensive licensing. We reserve the right at any time to request proof of ownership or license of content that you are streaming.